Yes! YOU Can Make a Difference in the World... One Person at a Time

Try this week's simple challenge to help you create your own personal story of adopting environmental sustainability in Qatar

Welcome to SustainableQatar

SustainableQatar is an independent, action-based volunteer organization. We are a think and do tank that addresses environmental sustainability in Qatar.

Founded in 2008, SustainableQatar raises awareness, shares actionable knowledge, encourages connections and collaboration between individuals and groups, and actively engages members of the public, private, and government sectors to take environmental sustainability action.

SustainableQatar fills an important and much needed niche in information and knowledge sharing and dissemination. SustainableQatar reaches, serves, and represents a broad spectrum of Qatar society regardless of nationality or status. We believe that the achievement is not only in the interactions with SustainableQatar, but also in knowing that inspired members leaving Qatar want and do continue to invest time and effort into urgent global climate issues that matter, within families and workplaces, amplifying SustainableQatar’s impact on climate resilience.

SustainableOman is a direct result of expanding SustainableQatar’s efforts regionally.

The images used in reflect the diversity of the natural environment in Qatar. Sponge and Shells photos by MaryBeth Stuenkel. All other photos by Katrin Scholz-Barth.

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