Founded in 2008, SustainableQatar actively engages the public, private and government sectors to raise environmental awareness and encourage the Qatar community to take action. SustainableQatar aspires to be the “think and do” tank, where public – private partnerships enable change in the community.

SustainableQatar was established to build a sustainable culture through raising awareness, skills, and knowledge and empowering the Qatar community to take environmental action. The group provides high professional programs and presentations by various leaders from Qatar’s cross-cultural society, including industry experts, educators, business executives, citizens and expats, non-governmental organizations, and government representatives.

What is Sustainability?
A broad definition of sustainability is the unity of environment and development, meaning that development shall be done in a way that protects natural resources without causing environmental damage. The term sustainable development was coined in the paper Our Common Future, released by the Brundtland Commission. Sustainable development is the kind of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The three main pillars of sustainable development include economic growth, environmental protection, and social equality.

The Qatar National Vision QNV2030 outlines a bold vision aspiring to Qatar’s future growth and development that is supported by four main principles: sustainable human development, sustainable social development, sustainable economic development and environmental sustainability.

We at SustainableQatar believe that Sustainability is everyones responsibility. We aim to share information and resources to allow every individual to make informed, conscious (consumer) decisions and to get involved. We strive to build an educated, connected and engaged community that accepts the shared responsibility, and with our activities and programs – we want to contribute to making this world a better place – a more sustainable Qatar.