Executive Committee

  • Katrin Scholz-Barth
  • MaryBeth Stuenkel

Katrin Scholz-Barth, President

Katrin Scholz-Barth is an internationally recognized expert in Green Roof technology. She received her Masters of Science in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Rostock, Germany in 1992 and has practiced for near 20 years in the United States of America and Middle East. Her book Green Roof Systems: A Guide to the Planning, Design and Construction of Building Over Structure, coauthored with Susan Weiler, was released by Wiley and Sons in April 2009. Ms. Scholz-Barth moved to Doha, Qatar in August 2008 and has since become the first president of SustainableQatar, an independent volunteer based organization that promotes environmental awareness and action within the community. She is a member of the Qatar Green Building Council and a contributing author to the Qatar Better Buildings Guideline by UNESCO.

MaryBeth Stuenkel, Webmaster and Social Media

MaryBeth Stuenkel is a technologist with a passion for the environment. After receiving her Masters of Science in Marine Zoology, she has served as an IT manager and Green IT specialist in the university environment. Retired from a career in Information Technology at the University of Michigan, promoting Green IT on campus and “change the culture of IT on campus to be sustainable,” where she published Green IT Best Practices at the University of Michigan and led the creation of the Sustainable Computing website. Upon moving to Qatar in 2018, Ms. Stuenkel sought out the sustainability community in Doha and is thrilled to be working with SustainableQatar.