Executive Committee

Katrin Scholz-Barth, President

Katrin Scholz-Barth, principal of Katrin Scholz-Barth Consulting, is an internationally recognized expert in Sustainability. As part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar program she helped define and create the program-wide sustainability and innovation strategies to deliver a carbon-neutral mega sports event in a fragile desert environment. Katrin frequently teaches strategic sustainability to entrepreneurs and startups, addressing both assets and liability of the balance sheet, green funding and long-term investment potential based on sound sustainability business practices including environmental social governance (ESG). During the 2018/19 Arab Innovation Academies she presented the sustainability keynote.

Katrin earned her Executive MBA from HEC Paris and a Masters of Science in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Rostock, Germany. She has done engineering and sustainability consulting on three continents, including Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. She specialized in green buildings and construction, sustainable landscape and green infrastructure for low impact developments and water conservation, energy efficiency, and air quality control – biomimicry and innovations inspired by nature to reduce the ecological footprint of the built environment. She taught these subjects at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Design School and presented at numerous international conferences.

Katrin’s coauthored book Green Roof Systems: A Guide to the Planning, Design and Construction of Building Over Structure, was released by Wiley and Sons in April 2009.

Since moving to Doha, Qatar in June 2008, Katrin has become the founding president of SustainableQATAR. She is a contributing author to the Qatar Better Buildings Guideline by UNESCO.

MaryBeth Stuenkel, Webmaster and Communications

MaryBeth Stuenkel is a technologist with a passion for the environment. After receiving her Masters of Science in Marine Zoology, she served as an IT manager and Sustainable IT specialist in university environments. MaryBeth is retired from her career in Information Technology at the University of Michigan, where she promoted Green IT on campus and worked to “change the culture of IT on campus to be sustainable,” where she published Green IT Best Practices at the University of Michigan and led the creation of the University of Michigan Sustainable Computing website.

Upon moving to Qatar in 2018, MaryBeth sought out the sustainability community in Doha and is thrilled to be working with SustainableQATAR.

Shiban Khan, Research

Dr. Shiban Khan is a sustainability expert, trainer, speaker and certified executive coach. She teaches and facilitates seminars and workshops on a myriad of business topics, including: leadership, corporate sustainability, strategic management, international business, and multicultural management. She  is a published author on sustainability, business strategy, and management topics.

Shiban moved to Qatar in 2014, having lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, UK, and USA before that. She has a PhD in Sustainability Management from the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland) and holds a Master in Environmental Policy from the University of Pennsylvania (USA). Her main area of expertise within sustainability is the contextual interpretation of sustainability, and this is where she looks forward to contributing to the sustainability discourse in Qatar. 

Erica Ramorino, Social Media and Special Projects

Erica Ramorino is a sustainability specialist with more than 8 years experience. She built and managed internal CSR departments and supported medium, large and multinational companies to develop their sustainability strategies and to implement social and environmental targets into practical initiatives. She also has experience in marketing related to environmental issues and in developing the best ways to engage target groups on sustainability. She has always been passionate about sustainability, even before it became a global trend. In particular, she is extremely interested in behavior change, where she can apply her psychology background to environmental challenges. 

Erica has a Batchelor Degree in Psychology from the Bicocca University of Milano and a Master of Science in Environmental Consultancy and Project Management from the University of Leeds. She lived in Italy and in the UK and moved to Qatar in 2018, where she is happy to bring her ideas and enthusiasm to SustainableQATAR, contributing to raise awareness on environmental sustainability in the country.