1) Who are the sponsors of SustainableQatar?

SustainableQatar is an independent, non-profit organization ran by volunteers, mostly residents of Qatar.

2) What is SustainableQatar?

  • SustainableQatar is a young, independent, volunteer-based organization, that meets monthly to address environmental issues relevant to Qatar.
  • It is an organization that regularly and consistently meets to raise awareness about environmental protection and restoration in Qatar.


1) What is a Meeting?

One of SustainableQatar’s thrust is to build awareness and this is done during our meetings where a selected sustainability issue is presented and discussed. There is also a brief networking every after meeting.

2) When is the Monthly Meeting?

SustainableQatar’s Monthly Meeting is usually held every first Monday of each month (from September to June) at 1830 to 2000.

Announcements are made through this website, tweeted and posted in our Facebook page.

3) What happens in a Monthly Meeting?

This is a typical format of our monthly meetings:

4) Do I have to be a member to attend the meetings?

Membership is not required to attend the meetings. However, if you wish to be a member, please fill out the membership form and send by email or give to us when you come over to our meetings.

5) Where are the Monthly Meetings held?

Usually, SustainableQatar’s monthly meeting is held at the Friends of the Environment Centre at Al Rasheed Street. This is beside the Family Consulting Center and across Women’s Hospital. As soon as you are in Sports Roundabout area, you are just a block away.

See map.


1) What are the types of membership?

While we are still in the process of working out membership details and benefits, we currently offer two membership options. Individual and Organizational Memberships. More details here.

2) What are the benefits of being a member?

SustianableQatar is still a very young organization, though, we are one of the organizations in Doha that consistently meets monthly and brings to everyone:

> Awareness This is done through our regular monthly meetings where sustainability issues are presented and discussed.

> Diversity The strength of SustainableQatar’s membership is based on the diverse perspectives and subject expertise in relation to various sustainability issues. Our membership is not limited to educators or the academe, it also includes industries, non-profit organizations and government.

> Networking SustainableQatar supports cross-industry communications to enhance the awareness of emerging sustainability issues specially relevant to Qatar and this happens at the end of every monthly meetings.

Other Matters

1) I would like to help-out/volunteer, how can I do this?

We would love to have you help out and volunteer in ways that suit you. Please approach us during our monthly meetings or you can email us or call 00974 551 62 764 and ask for Katrin.

2) I would like to present/recommend a presenter, is this possible?

Yes. If you wish to present or recommend a presenter, kindly let us know by calling 00974 551 62 764 or email us so we could arrange a schedule.

3) I sort my rubbish/would like to take part in recycling activities or other sustainability projects.

That’s awesome! Please visit our Sustainable Desert Living page, to inspire you and take action on what is going on in Doha – and make an impact!