You are already involved.

We are all involved in sustainability issues and since you are here you want to take action and we’d like to help you do just that.

Membership with SustainableQatar gives individuals or organizations a chance to gain greater access to the sustainability practices here in Doha.

SustainableQatar is still a very young organization, though, we are one of the organizations in Doha that consistently meets monthly and brings to everyone:

> Awareness
This is done through our regular monthly meetings where sustainability issues are presented and discussed.

> Diversity
The strength of SustainableQatar’s membership is based on the diverse perspectives and subject expertise in relation to various sustainability issues. Our membership is not limited to educators or the academe, it also includes industries, non-profit organizations and government.

> Networking
SustainableQatar supports cross-industry communications to enhance the awareness of emerging sustainability issues specially relevant to Qatar and this happens at the end of every monthly meetings.



We currently offer two membership options.

50 QR per individual, per year.

150 QR per organization, per year.

Please fill-out the Membership Application Form and kindly send via email or on your meeting attendance…here is the next one!