Live Sustainably

It is your choice to live more sustainably and yes, it is possible even while living in a desert environment!

Remember, living sustainably doesn’t mean making sacrifices or doing without, it means thinking differently about your choices and your actions. Try this – add this question into your decision making process: “Is there another way that’s kinder to people or the planet?”

Keep reading for some ideas. Join our Facebook Group to contribute your ideas and we’ll include the best ones here.


How we choose to get around Qatar has a huge impact on our carbon footprint. Read April 2019’s blog about the impact of TRANSPORTATION and see a few short videos from inspiring speakers.

Below you will find some ways you can lessen your environmental impact as you move around.

Ride Sharing

  • Plan ahead for recurring activities and take a neighbor or ask a friend or neighbor for a ride.
  • Form a carpool with other parents for school activities.
  • Ask a friend to ride with you.

Walking & Biking

For distances of 2km or less, if you are able, walk to your destination and back.

Avoiding Idling

  • When it’s safe to do so, avoid idling. Instead turn off the car while you wait.
  • To use less gas and be kinder to the environment, turn the AC on after you begin to drive.

Smart Driving

  • Maintain a fairly constant speed, avoiding excessive accelerating and breaking.
  • Slow down.
  • Travel outside of peak times and avoid known areas of heavy traffic.
  • Replace a clogged air filter.
  • Keep your car clear of any unnecessary items to save on fuel.

Electric & Hybrid Cars

When you are in the market for a new car, consider replacing a combustion-engine with an electric car. See a list of fast, cool, electric cars here.


Situated in a tropical desert, Qatar’s water resources are scarce. Do you know how much rain Qatar receives on average per year? Find out that and more in the March 2019 theme blog on WATER.

Here are a few ways to lessen your impact on Qatar’s precious water resources.

Smart Gardening

  • Water plants every other day instead of twice every day.
  • Water in the early morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Let fallen leaves build up to a valuable leaf mulch to cover the soil.
  • Try native and regionally adopted plants.
  • Shower with your watering can.
  • Take a broom and sweep the pavement.

Shorter Showers

Build a play-list of your favorite songs, maximum 4 minutes in length, to use to shower to, cutting the average shower time in half each day.

Leaky Fixtures

Get your leaking toilets, taps, pipes, and showers fixed immediately!

Every Drop Counts

Become aware of unconscious habits and default settings to make a difference in the world. One drop at a time.

  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or washing dishes.
  • Take a shower instead of filling up the bath.
  • Use a bucket and sponge when washing cars and bikes.


Instead of throwing plastic, metal, glass, or paper in the trash, recycle it! You can find bins at Dahl Al Hamam Park (East Parking Lot at the entrance opposite Tawar Mall), and the Pearl.

Download the Bin-Ovation Qatar app for easy pickup and recycling of PLASTIC (water bottles, shampoo bottles, etc), ALUMINUM (soda cans, foil, etc), METAL (tin cans, old utensils, etc), PAPER, and CARDBOARD by Global Metals LLC.

Click here for a map of known Qatar household recycling locations

Paper Recycling

Qatar is home to two reputable paper manufacturers that collect and use recycled paper in the making of paper products.

Elite Paper Recycling produces fluting and test liner, which are essential components of corrugated cartons. Look for Elite Paper Recycling bins all around Doha.

Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory is another manufacturer of kraft paper, fluting media, and test liner in QATAR. Al-Suwaidi Recycling provides paper recycling services to a wide range of businesses, including major retailers, printers, and malls with collection. Contact them to arrange pick up service at your compound or tower.


Instead of buying bottled water, fill a reusable water bottle.

Instead of paper towels, use washable cloths. For example, repurpose old clothes for cleaning.

Instead of going directly to the store when you need furniture and other items, join a Buy and Sell group (or two or more) on Facebook. With the large amount of turnover in Qatar, the bargains are just begging to be taken.

Instead of getting your groceries home in the market’s plastic bags, take reusable shopping bags. Carrefour and LuLu have nice sturdy bags available for 3 Riyals or less.

Instead of throwing your food and gardening waste in the trash, compost it. Find out how with these resources: Composting 101, Best composting mix, Build your own composting bin.

Instead of eating meat for every meal, at least once a week enjoy a meatless meal at one of Qatar’s many restaurants. Or cook your own! Join our Facebook group to talk about your favorite vegetarian destinations or to share your best recipes. (list needs verification and links)

Instead of spraying chemicals for insect control, encourage beneficial insects by creating an insect hotel.