Sustainable Living

It is your choice to live more sustainably and yes, it is possible even while we live in a desert environment!


Paper, Cardboard, Plastics Recycling

Qatar Foundation’s Education City has recycling bins as well as in Alrmailah Family Park (opposite the Corniche) and Katara Cultural Village. Universities at Education City collect paper and cardboard. These are sent to the Al-Suwaidi paper factory for reprocessing. Plastics can also be recycled using Averda’s Reverse Vending Machine for plastic bottles and cans and located near Spinney’s at The Pearl.


Mobile Phones, Scratch Card Recycling

Vodafone and Qtel have recycling bins for old mobile phones in most of their shops.


Batteries Recycling

There are still no battery recycling facilities yet in Doha so it is strongly encouraged to use secondary (rechargeable) batteries instead…but please do not dispose of your old/used batteries together with your daily household rubbish – batteries are seriously toxic and damaging to our environment. It won’t take up a lot of space so please keep it with you until disposal facilities will be available, the first battery recycling facility is earmarked to be opened in January 2013 at the Mesaieed Industrial City, please come back soon for updates!


Scrap Metals Recycling

For your scrap metals (aluminum soda cans, etc.), Lucky Star Alloys is working on recycling them. The facility is designed to handle all types of non-hazardous scrap metals including aluminum, brass, copper, cables, lead, radiators, stainless steel and zinc. The general public is encouraged to drop of their scrap metal recyclables at its recycling facility in the New Industrial Area of Doha. Location map and contact information can be found on their website or in the map below together with other recyclers. Here is also a partial list of recyclers.


For driving guide, location of other recycling bins and recyclers are also mapped here.


Other suggestions:

SustainableQatar’s president, Katrin, has arranged a paper recycling in their residential compound (Barzan 2) and a regular pick-up with Al Suwaidi (Office: 44604571; Mobile:  66502094) and it’s possible to do the same in the place you live! This would be great as we wait for new recycling bins and curbside pick-up points to be made available around Qatar.



Composting Bins and Insect Hotels

Everything organic has a ratio of carbon and nitrogen. The best composting mix should have a greater amount of materials high in carbon, and a lesser amount of materials high in nitrogen. Materials high in carbon include: dry leaves and weeds, paper, wood, sawdust, straw, and bark. Materials high in nitrogen include: fresh leaves and weeds, animal manure, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and hay. Water – thoroughly, daily and cover to reduce water loss through evaporation in desert, and aerate – turn weekly.

You can compost with coffee ground, horse manure and all of your household organics. It is very rewarding to make soil but it takes a bit more effort than in a temperate climate. Katrin built her composting bin from a wooden shipping crates and divided the bin into two chambers to allow for compost in one chamber to mature while filling the other side. She water the compost regularly to keep it moist and turn the compost once a month. She once considered red worms but the summer temperatures are too hot for worms – they would die. There is enough bioactivity to keep things going, but a good carbon source (she used cardboard and the non-coated newspaper) is important to make good soil

You can easily build your own composting bin from wooden crates / packing palettes, see picture, or drill some holes in a garbage can, cover it tightly and keep on its side to roll and aerate easily. Good luck. Share your results.




Here is a guide in creating an insect hotel.


Vegan Restaurants

Suggestions for vegans in Doha:

  1. The Garden Indian Restaurant
  2. Just Falafel
  3. Biella Restaurant
  4. Sabah O Masa
  5. The Diet Shop
  6. Beirut Restaurant
  7. Subway
  8. Zataar O Zait
  9. Al Batra Restaurant
  10. La Cigale Hotel
  11. Sukar Basha

Kindly verify for us if they continue to serve vegan food continuously.



Coming Soon!

  • Climate Change Information
  • Shopping Guides
  • Gardening in a desert environment



5 thoughts on “Sustainable Living

  1. Hi, I would like to ask about composting. Is there a place where we can buy the composting bins in Qatar?
    Ghassan Ayan

    1. Hi Ghassan Ayan,
      Thanks for your visiting our site and for your question. There are no composting bins for sale as of yet here in Qatar and it is actually a good opportunity for us to be creative. We will be posting very soon and share some creative residential compost bins made by our members based in Doha.
      Please visit us back for more updates and let us know of any questions that you may have.

  2. Hi, I would like to start a recycling for cans and plastic bottles in the West Bay area (specifically in the east gate area). Do you have any recommendations on how I can get this started or can you guys help me start this up?

    Thank you,


  3. I have coordinated with Doha Plastics to have our compound plastics picked up and recycled. However, I am having a bit of difficulty sourcing an appropriate container for this. Our compound manager would, ideally, like to have individual, 3-compartment bins for each of the villas and apartment buildings but in the mean time, residents can bring our plastics to the garbage area. We just need one large bin with a lid to contain the items until they are picked up by Doha Plastics. Any thoughts on where I could get one (at little or no cost, preferably)?

  4. I am making my own compost bin at home…I am looking forward it will not take long time for me to harvest compost.
    I am excited to plant some vegetables with it.

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